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About IntelPetro - Online/Cloud Petrol Pump Automation, Tank Automation Software in Africa

Tired of manually managing your petrol pump business in Africa? Concerned about petrol theft or leaks? Looking for a better way to manage things? Here comes IntelPetro.

IntelPetro is a comprehensive World class petrol pump automation and station management software that comes with an abundance of cutting-edge features like cloud-based management, real-time access on the go, easy customization, HR/payroll and others that will make life easier for you.

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  • Awarded The Most Searched Software in Africa & Globe

    IntelPetro is awarded the most searched product in the World.

Major Salient Features - IntelPetro:

Get More Than Expected


Main Features

Cloud based Accounting and Inventory software, Data secured on dedicated server, Real-time data access from anywhere, Personalised Dashboard for station owner, personalised portal for Credit Customer, HR/Payroll.

Analytic Solutions

Nozzle wise/Dispensing unit wise Sales, Location wise Sales & Purchase, Item wise/Party wise/Vehicle wise Sales, Month wise Purchase/Sales. Salesman wise Day Book, Day Book – Consolidated.

Stock Reports

Item/Value wise Stock Report, Location/Salesman Stock Report, Item Ledger Report, Item Movement Report, Calculates Closing stock on As per Purchase Rate/Sale Rate/Purchase.

Graphical Reports

Month wise Sales/ Purchase, Month wise Stock, Cash Flow, Daily Cash and Credit Sales, Sales Comparison Previous and Current Month, Year wise/Month wise.

Graphical Reports

Graphical reports for Ledger Account, Cash Account & Bank Account, Bank Reconciliation, Cost Accounting, Ledger Report, Cash In & Cash Out.

SMS Notifications

SMS on Cash and Credit Sales, Credit Sales to Credit Customers, Statement Generation, Payment Receipt, Delayed Payments, Birthday & Anniversary.

Grow Your Petrol Pump/Fuel Business with Cloud-based Petrol/Fuel Management Software

We know that running a petrol pump in Africa is not easy, especially when you are in charge of all the operations. Our Petrol Station Automation System will make the job easier for you by not just automating the various operations of your business but also making the processes like accounting, inventory management & billing more efficient.

For one, IntelPetro Petrol Station Software can take immediate control over the petrol dispensers and ATG systems, as the software is compatible with the communication protocols of all popular automatic tank gauge systems and petrol dispensers. It can readily integrate with the dispenser systems at your petrol pump, keeping an improved record of sales, incoming fuel, tank measurements, etc. and giving you more, real-time control over the inventory.

The RFID based petrol pump automation system of IntelPetro makes the fueling process much easier, secure and reliable by reducing human errors and automating the calculation & supply of a specified fuel amount based on the vehicle model, type and fueling frequency. This can also help prevent unauthorised fueling and save more money and time for you.

Other than that, the online tank automation solution will measure and keep real-time track of petrol/gas levels and temperature in tanks, notifying you immediately if there is an issue. The software gives the petrol pump owner online access to real-time inventory and fuel data, allowing them to take proper actions as and when needed. Other notable features include high reliability, improved accuracy, leakage control, and a platform-independent system.

Software Automation


Forecourt/Dispenser Automation System

Forecourt controller serves for control over petroleum, LPG and CNG dispensers and automatic tank gauge systems and probes. It provides control over any of the dispensers on the forecourt and should not matter what are the brands of dispensers and ATG systems. This completely simplifies work and allows station owners to have control and receive real time data of sales being done at the station by each pump. The forecourt controller also allows remote access of the dispensers and owners can see their pump status and receive meter readings after every sale in real time.

Salient Features

  • Credit card size for easy installation in any hardware
  • Supports more than 100 brands of dispensers
  • Supports more than 30 brands of ATG systems and probes
  • Supports simultaneous operation with 50 dispensers and with 50 tanks
  • SSL/TLS layers for secured communication
  • Built-in web-server for monitoring, configuration, reporting and control
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RFID System

Everything has been digitized. In many existing systems, almost all petrol pumps have a controlling unit to perform the tasks like managing the electrical pump, drive the display, measure the flow & accordingly turn OFF the electrical pump. But still a person is required to collect the money and there is a possibility of many human errors. In this proposed petrol pump automation system, we are using RFID card to access petrol at different petrol stations of different petrol companies across the country and here, we are connecting all these petrol stations using single web server. This web server access is secured by a password which is known only to the petrol companies. Whenever we want to fill the tank from the fuel dispenser, we just have to place the RFID card near the RFID reader. Then the microcontroller reads the data from the RFID reader and performs the action according to the customer requirements. This digital petrol pump system also provides the security for the customers for filling petrol at the Petrol stations by avoiding the involvement of human beings, hence reduces the risk of carrying money every time. This petrol pump system consists of Atmega328 microcontroller, RFID module, LCD display, Keypad, Ac pump and alarm. When RFID reader, reads the card it asks for the 3-digit password, if we enter wrong password more than twice it raises an alarm. And when the right password is entered is into the system, the system asks for the amount and it also shows the balance amount. On entering the amount, the motor starts and petrol gets filled in the petrol tank from the fuel dispenser.

  • Reduce Manpower as RFID is self system based automation.
  • Saves time and long queues.
  • Promotes unmanned Petrol/Gas Stations.
  • Completely network based system it also avoids fuel theft & robbery.

Visualize and Interpret Data, Present Your Findings

ATG probes (wired and wireless level probes) are intended for continuous measurement of petroleum products levels (fuel and LPG), produced water level and temperature in tanks at petrol stations, tank farms and refineries. Probes are supplied with length up to 15m in wired and wireless executions. Also, flexible version of the probes for high tanks is available.

General Features

The magnetostrictive level probe bases his physical phenomena on the Wiedemann effect. The main features are:
  • Very high accuracy and repeatability
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Sharp leakage control
  • Full stainless steel execution
  • Ultra compact design
Commonly used in the fuel level control, It allows the measure of the three essential parameters:
  • Fuel level
  • Water level on the bottom of the tank
  • Fuel temperature
Trust Value

Africa's Best Cloud Software for Petrol Pumps/Bunks/Gas Stations - Trusted by 250+ Happy Customers

There are multiple petrol pump and tank management software available in Africa, but IntelPetro Tank Automation with Online Petrol Pump/Bunk Accounting Inventory Software has been rated the best by hundreds of customers & users across the country.

As Africa’s leading & complete petrol pump management solution, IntelPetro is designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of petrol pumps and fuel station businesses. It’s very easy to customize and can be easily integrated into most petrol pump systems to automate operations and bring transparency in sales.

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